The I-Cane Mobilo® 2.2

Independency through mobility for visually impaired people

I-Cane Mobilo

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Navigation - Obstacle Avoidance - Orientation

I-Cane with iOS App

The I-Cane Mobilo® is a white cane that expands the functionality of the traditional white cane. New features such as personal navigation, obstacle avoidance, and orientation contribute to improved mobility and will lead to higher social participation. The I-Cane Mobilo® has to be connected via Blue Tooth with an I-Phone. With the special designed I-Cane GoApp®, the Mobilo® provides navigation and orientation and can be downloaded in the App Store.

Unique Tactile Arrow

obstacle warnings under the fingers

The unique and patented ‘tactile arrow’ provides the user with relevant information on route, directions or obstacle warnings under the index finger or the thumb.
Due to this, the hearing senses remain free, as hearing plays an important role recognizing danger and orientation.

Detection of height obstructions on the route

state-of-the-art sonic sensor

Thanks to the state-of-the-art sonic sensor, the I-Cane Mobilo® is able to detect height obstructions in the walking direction of a route that potentially endangers head and upper body. When obstacles are detected, the user will be swiftly warned by audio as well as a tactile warning.

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